About me

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    I currently live in Los Angeles working in the film industry as a photographer and cinematographer. I've had a camera in my hand as long as I can remember.  Seeing behind the lens, one gets to view the world as they see it... the light, the shadows, the colors.... all the details one desires.  I have a spent my life photographing fields, mountains, clouds, people, trees, buildings, bridges... anything that catches my eye.  Growing up, I was surrounded by a family of creative artists that opened my eyes to many mediums of art: watercolors, design, pottery, fashion, photography and illustration. It was inevitable that I would find an outlet in some creative medium… that became photography at an early age.


     I continued to study photography and art history throughout my high school and college years. I received a BA in Fine Arts at Indiana University and Paris-Sorbonne University, graduating in 1993. Afterwards I moved out to Los Angeles to begin my next journey… moving images. It became a natural transition going from still photography into cinematography. I continued taking photographs while starting another career behind the motion picture camera. I can be found working on features, documentaries, commercials and music videos, while always documenting the space that I occupy with a still camera.


     With such influences as Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Walker Evans, William Eggleston, Ansel Adams and Wim Wenders… I fell in love with the art of capturing the moment of people and the environment. It’s the way the morning light hits the pavement, reflections on a glass of a store front window, how the colors radiate in the sky over a field the last moment before the sun goes down or the shapes created by people’s movement within a scene… these are the subtleties that are attracted to me. There is something pure and raw about photography. It is a subjective medium that one uses their eye as a form of expression.

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